Lower Back Pain

Falling frequently causes lower back pain, and there are specific groups of individuals who are more prone to this sort of injury. Any athlete that competes in a sport like football, skiing, snowboarding, or even rugby is prone to damaging the lower back. The pressure that falling places on your lower back is larger than you normally consider, and breaking a tailbone is a real risk for those that fall or wipe out on their butts. Additionally, being hit with extreme force, as in football or rugby, in your lower back can be the cause of untold stresses and fractures.


Wearing pads in sports helps as does trying to break a fall or tumble, but for those who cannot, or are unable too, you must be cognizant of the damage being done to your lower spine. Coming to Physical Therapy In Motion to have your lower back examined is a good first step. We will be able to help you understand any potential injury and what you can do to recover. We will be happy to get you back into your activities as soon as possible.