Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is often mistake for neck pain due to the proximity of the two areas. However, there are key differences in presentation of the pain that will help you diagnosis where the pain is actually located before calling Physical Therapy In Motion. If you find that lifting your arms is a huge task and is painful, then the chances are that your shoulders have gone through some sort of stress. The same thing applies to being unable to rotate your arms, or being swinging them while walking. The shoulders do control a large part of your arm movements, and if they become injured you are more prone to hurting yourself.


Often shoulder pain can be caused by weight lifting, and is not an uncommon injury to find in body builders and wrestlers. The form of lifting heavy weights matters greatly and being able to do so without causing stress to your shoulders, in large parts, depends on how strong and mobile your upper torso is. If you have problems reaching down and lifting, it is not recommended for you to attempt any extreme sort of workout. Get a physical therapy program first and work on building muscle, which help protect the ligaments in your shoulder first.